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Used Car Dealership Checklist: What to Look For | Lubbock, TX

If you’ve decided that buying a used car is the right choice for you, you’ll want to make sure you buy from a reputable used car dealership. All dealerships are not created equal, so you’ll want to know what to look for when determining if a dealership is worthy of your trust. Here’s a simple checklist to help you decide just that:
  • High-Quality Inventory: First off, you’ll want to evaluate the quality of the dealership’s inventory. If many of the vehicles on the lot look well past their prime, it’s time to try out a different used car dealership. Pollard Used Cars offers a large inventory of luxury vehicles and all-American favorites, so you know you can trust us.
  • Service Center: Another thing you should check is if the dealership has their own fully-equipped service center. If so, it generally means that the dealership employs trained mechanics, inspects their vehicles, and properly maintains and repairs them. The larger the service center, the more issues the dealership can address, which is a good sign for you.
  • Warranties: Used car dealerships should stand behind their vehicles and offer warranties, and you’ll want to look for as long a warranty as possible to protect your investment. While at a used car dealership, you should ask about warranty coverage.
  • Resolves open recalls: If there is an open recall on a vehicle, a used car dealership should be willing to resolve it. Otherwise, they’d be selling you a potentially unsafe vehicle. If the vehicle you’re interested in has a recall on it, ask about it.
  • Ask to see the title: When buying a used vehicle, you should ask to see the title, and the dealership staff should willingly show it to you. If they’re evasive about the title, it may mean that they don’t have it. Rather, the bank may have it if there’s still an unpaid auto loan on the car.

Looking for a trustworthy and reliable used car dealership? Look no further than Pollard Used Cars.

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Used Car Dealership Checklist: What to Look For | Lubbock, TX
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